Nirvana Facials

Come in for a Nirvana Holistic or Well Being Facial

Introducing Nirvana Facials

Our approach to skincare is holistic and we believe that that your skin reflects your overall health. Nirvana uses the Quannessence skincare range as our product of choice as they are created with natural and organic ingredients, avoiding harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances.

The entire Quannessence line is built around highly functional professional treatments that will give you outstanding results for a variety of skin conditions.

Our skin care specialist is Jen. She has been working as an esthetician for 15 years and is a certified skincare therapist in facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser hair removal and silk peel. Jen is passionate about helping clients achieve their absolute best skin health.

Nirvana Holistic facials are the whole package for your skin care and ultimate relaxation. Facials include AHA peel and a jelly masque followed by a relaxing massage. Our jelly masks are intended to suit your skin type – $125 for 1 hour.

Nirvana Well Being facials allow you to relax and sample our Quannessence skin care line – $80 for 45 minutes.


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