A manicure at Nirvana will ensure you walk out of the salon with beautifully shaped and polished nails, plus, you can treat yourself to a little extra pampering by adding a massage or paraffin wax treatment.

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Feet are one of the most neglected parts of our bodies and often get left off of our regular beauty routine. Enjoy a soothing massage of exfoliation as nothing looks betters than freshly painted toenails in the summer time or anytime.

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Nirvana Holistic Facial

Using Quannessence holistic products, a niche professional skin care brand providing cosmetic and therapeutic effects. The entire line is built around highly functional professional treatments that will provide outstanding results for a  variety of skin conditions. These facials include exfoliation AHA peel serums and jelly masks, finished with relaxing massage.

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Nirvana Well Being Facial - 45mins.
Includes exfoliation, hydrating mask and soothing massage.
Nirvana Holistic Facial - 1 hour.
This is the whole package! Exfoliation, AHA peel, serums and jelly mask.
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