Christmas Season Party Packages

Nirvana Nail Bar

Party Package & Booking Information:

It is that time of year again! The snow is falling, Christmas is coming, the year ending, and the New Year is before us. This season seems to be such a rush. We tend to concentrate so much on gathering things & gifts for the people we love. We forget, the season is about spending time with the people we care for. Winter is about slowing down and taking inventory of the year, and how we’ve grown. Nirvana Nail Bar is the most comforting, intimate, open space. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible services, and allow individuals, and groups to relieve stress, relax, release and  enjoy an experience. There is a demand for a clean safe space, a home away from home, where you can not only host a get together – but also join in on the fun!


We have specifically curated 2 different packages to satisfy your needs. Gender friendly, invite anybody, who’s anyone to you!


The Premium Party Package

Invite 4 to 8 people to receive ANY Pedicure and Manicure of their choice! Yes, this can include Gel polish, our spa pedicure, or even just a regular pedicure. The services include, not only a massage – but also, a single serve alcoholic beverage per person -Just to take away a little of the edge.

This Experience will cost $150 per person.


The Pedicure Party Package

Invite 4 to 8 of your friends for any Pedicure they desire, whether they love their toes with gel polish, or need a spa pedicure with scrub and warm paraffin, We have got you covered! We also have an organic line called SPARitual. This luxury product is flavoured with an Earl Grey scent – which are male guests adore. This party also includes a single serve alcoholic beverage. The cost comes to $90 per person, and very much worth it!


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